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Summary of the year

The year is ending, and it’s time to take stock and talk about plans.

First, thank you for your trust! We continue to maintain the high quality of our services and are working to increase the reliability and security.

We are always happy to offer you:

What will change in the new year?

Starting March 1, prices for hosting services will rise slightly. Simple and Basic packages will rise in price by 0.50€, Pro package by 1.25€. The price of the Developer package will rise by 5€. In addition, the payment system commission will be added to the invoice amount.

Our prices have remained unchanged since 2010, which cannot be said about the cost of electricity and other services. It was a difficult decision. However, despite the increase, our prices are still lower than the prices of our competitors. New prices are already valid from September 1 for new customers. Starting from March 1 the new prices will apply for all customers.

Outdated versions of PHP

We remind you that the time for us to abandon the outdated versions of PHP is drawing nearer. We hope you have not forgotten and made sure that all your web sites support PHP 7.2 and higher. Changes

Until the end of this year, we will expand the resources of existing servers. From January we will get a higher speed on all available servers.

We expect to launch a new shared hosting by the beginning of the Q2, which will meet modern requirements and give you new opportunities.

We wish you a good, productive New Year!

March promotions

Spring brings prices down!

Up until the end of March, promotional prices for domain registration in zones:

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  • .actor
  • .archi
  • .asia
  • .attorney
  • .auction
  • .band
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  • .xyz

Find and register your preferred domain at:

Virtual servers 20% cheaper

We offer a 20% discount on all the servers listed on the page for three months. To get a discount, use the code D650FIG3ZL on the server order page.

The discount is valid for 3 months and applies to Web Hosting Packages, VPS and VDS servers.

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Spring News — Core Solutions

Dear friends!

Welcome to the CORE.EU Facebook page:

To celebrate the opening the facebook page, we offer a 20% discount on all the servers listed on the page for three months.

To get a discount, use the code D650FIG3ZL on the server order page. The discount is valid for 3 months and applies to Web Hosting Packages, VPS and VDS servers.

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May the spring be with you! 🙂
Core Solutions OÜ

SSL Certificates – The How and Why

If you’ve recently surfed the Internet on your Chrome browser, you’ve probably noticed an indicator next to a domain name. The symbol indicates if a website is safe to visit:

  • Secure: The information you send to the site will be private.
  • Info: The site isn’t using a private connection. Someone might be able to see the information you send through this site. Google suggests you don’t enter sensitive details, like passwords or credit cards.
  • Not Secure or Dangerous: Google suggests you don’t enter any private or personal information on this page. If avoidable, don’t use this site.

Why does this happen?

HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol and the ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This digital certificate, if installed, activates a padlock and the HTTPS protocol which allows a secure connection from a web server to a browser. Without a digital certificate or a ‘HTTPS’ connection, Chrome will label the website as ‘Not Secure’.

What does an SSL certificate do?

An SSL certificate is a bit of code that secures sensitive information across different networks around the world. Even if your website does not request information like credit card details, SSL is still critical to your website.

Information is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. An computer within this network (between your computer and the destination server) will have access to passwords, account details, personal information etc. An SSL certificate encrypts that information so it is only read by the destination server.

Can I install an SSL certificate on my server?

To ensure your clients’ websites are marked safe, we strongly suggest installing SSL certificates on Shared Hosting and any other server you use.

All the Shared hosting packages by Core support installation of Digital Certificates; bought either from us or any third party vendors.

We understand the importance and the need for data protection, so we offer 76 different types of certificates from major certificate authorities: RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, Comodo, Certum, Symantec.

You can buy a Certificate not only to protect any server or hosting that is provided by us, but for any other services/servers that you use from different providers. You can also order SSL installation service from us to get your Certificate installed correctly.

View the entire list and select the appropriate certificate, at:

Which SSL Certificate should I Choose?

Here’s a description the main types of certificates for websites to help you make a decision better.

DV — Domain Validated

These encryption-only certificates are popular because of how fast and simple they are to get. All you have to do is prove you own the domain you wish to secure in order to get a DV certificate issued. This process usually takes just a few minutes to complete. You’ll get industry standard encryption and trust indicators like HTTPS and the padlock icon. Internal testing domains, blogs, and basic template sites are good candidates for DV certificates, since they offer full encryption but just basic trust indicators.

OV — Organization Validated

OV certificates are the “better” in the “good, better, best” model for SSL/TLS certificates. These certificates validate that a domain belongs to a registered business before being issued, and this process typically takes between 1-3 days to complete. The added benefit of an OV certificate is a dynamic site seal, which when clicked on, displays validated company information to a visitor, along with HTTPS and the padlock icon.

EV — Extended Validation

Extended Validation (EV) certificates are the most premium SSL solutions available. These are the only SSL certificates that can truly be viewed at as an investment, given their ROI potential. The main feature of EV certificates is the green address bar, the most universally trusted symbol across the web. The validation process typically takes a little more time with these certificates, around 1-5 business days, but if you have a registered business, we’ll help make sure you can get one!


A digital certification is a must to keep your website secure. It’s the standard security technology for an encrypted link between a server and a browser.