Different Name, Same Great Solutions: Comodo is now Sectigo

Comodo CA has re-branded and is now officially Sectigo. We know you have questions, so this post is designed to give you the answers you need and outline what this change means to you as a customer.

Why the change?

Francisco Partners acquired the Comodo Group’s certificate business from back in the fall of 2017. This entity, branded Comodo CA, continued to operate in the same markets, attend the same trade shows and help the same buyers as Comodo Group. The re-brand decision was made to avoid confusion as well as help them deliver on their mission to help organizations of all sizes confidently secure and maximize the digital frontier.

What exactly is changing?

While at first glance this might look like a simple name and logo change, it goes way beyond that. Here’s a quick summary of everything that’s new:

New Company Name

Comodo CA is now officially Sectigo to clearly distinguish the new company from predecessors and prevent confusion.

New Logos

The company logo has been updated. Though November 2019, the new logo should be shown with the “Formerly Comodo CA” tagline.

New Brand

The brand has been updated to represent a more complete web security. New product line logos have also been created for EnterpriseSSL, InstantSSL and PositiveSSL.

New Product Names

All products are being renamed to align with the new brand. For example, Comodo EV SSL is now Sectigo SSL EV, and Comodo SSL Wildcard is now Sectigo SSL Wildcard.

We’re here to help you find the right level of validation based on your goals.

Core Solutions offers 76 different types of certificates from major certificate authorities: RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, Sectigo (formerly Comodo), Certum, Symantec.


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