Winter News – Core Solutions

The end of the year is coming – it is time to sum up and make plans for the future. We continued to develop our services portfolio in year 2017.

The functionality of Shared Hosting has been expanded:

  • All customers can now use free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • It became more convenient to install web applications directly from the server panel
  • DKIM and DMARC added to the mail domain settings
  • In late November, we added the ability to set individual SSL certificates for mail domains
  • In addition to alternative versions of PHP, the ability to install alternative versions of MySQL 5.5 – 5.7 and MariaDB 10.0 – 10.3 databases was added

We successfully develop the direction of SSL certificates and have become the largest seller in Estonia of various types of certificates at the best prices.

Virtual servers:
These are virtual servers based on LXC for Linux-like systems and virtual KVM servers which can run Windows systems.

Next Year we will start offering physical servers housing on our server room at the most favorable prices.

Infrastructure changes are also taking place. In the near future, we are going to move all our servers to the only TIER3 level datacenter in the Baltic States. We hope this will positively affect the stability and availability of our services. The last two months we were preparing for the move: reconfigure the software, install new network equipment, and conduct other preparatory work. Unfortunately, this can cause a malfunction in the operation of our servers. It is this that explains some of the problems of the last days. Nevertheless, the goal is set and we are moving at the direction.

We hope to move to a new DC in the next few weeks in relatively quiet pre-Christmas days. The time of the move will be reported additionally.