EU Registry Downtime Notice & Changes to .EU Lifecycle

We have an important update from the .EU registry, please make note of the same and communicate the changes in the life cycle to your .EU registrants.

.EU Registry Downtime:

.EU is moving to a new registration platform on 15th September, 2014, because of which, there will be a downtime of 3 days – from 12th September, 2014 to 15th September, 2014. During the downtime, it will not be possible to perform any transaction on .EU domain names. Please note that:

  • New registrations will be queued and processed once the downtime is over
  • Any system changes/renewals/transfers will fail and will need to be resubmitted when the downtime is over

.EU Domain Lifecycle Change:

Post the launch of the new platform, newly registered .EU domains will follow a different renewal/expiry life cycle. These changes will impact registrations made only after 15th September, 2014. At present, the .EU domains expire at the end of the month they were registered in.

15th September, 2014 onwards, newly registered .EU domains will renew or expire at the end of the registration term.