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From March 1, you will no longer be able to order three year SSL certificates

If you planned to purchase an SSL certificate for three years, we advise you to hurry. Soon, the certifying centers will stop issuing three-year SSL certificates of all types. After February 20, 2018, SSL will not be sold for three years from GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Symantec and Thawte. Since March 1, it will not be possible to buy certificates for three years from Comodo. All active three-year SSL certificates will work after March 1.

Phase 1 of Google’s Plan to Mark Non-Secure Sites

The release of Google Chrome 53 saw the first phase implemented in Google’s long-term vision of HTTPS becoming the internet standard. Eventually, every single website without SSL will have a red warning symbol with “Not Secure” next to it within the Chrome environment. For now, Chrome is marking all non-secure sites with an information radial that further explains a website has no encryption.

This will go a step further starting in January of 2017 for websites with password or credit card fields.

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Comodo SSL Certificates

We are pleased to announce yet another upgrade to our suite of Security Products. In January 2015, we will be integrating ‘Comodo SSL’ and discontinuing the sale of Thawte SSL Certificates. Comodo is recognized Industry-Wide as a leader in Website Security and Comodo’s SSL certificates support up to 256-bit encryption at great prices!